PowerShadow Battery  Case by Spyder

PowerShadow Battery Case By Spyder Digital Research

The world's most advanced docking iPhone battery case

Choose your PowerShadow Case

  • PowerShadow for iPhone 6

    PowerShadow for iPhone 6

    It's not JUST a battery case anymore.

  • iPhone 6 PowerShadow Dock

    iPhone 6 PowerShadow Dock

    Remove inconvenience from your lifestyle with our charge & sync dock.

  • PowerShadow Case for iPhone 5

    PowerShadow Case for iPhone 5

    Convenient Case plus dock bundle.

Spyder's goal is to create a battery case so thin and light that it feels no different than a regular protective case so you never take your phone out of it.
How we elevate your game

Wired Data Sync

Through dock and case sync and charge your phone easily and securely


Antimicrobial Product Protection coating protects you as well as your phone

* — only available on iPhone 6 case


Your longer-lasting phone goes wherever you need to be with no extra bulk


Keep on going with over twice as much battery power