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Antimicrobial Product Protection for your iPhone

PowerShadow Battery Case

Antimicrobial Product Protection for your iPhone Choose your case
Antimicrobial Product Protection

LifeShield™ Products

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Charge and Recharge on the go

The Commuter

Charge and Recharge on the go Buy now
LifeShield™ Screen Protectors

LifeShield™ Screen Protectors

Antimicrobial Product Protection available for all screen sizes Choose your screen protector
  • PowerShadow for iPhone 6/6s

    PowerShadow for iPhone 6/6s

    It's not JUST a battery case anymore.

  • LifeShield Screen Protector

    LifeShield Screen Protector

    Radical new technology with massive impact resistance & antimicrobial product protection.

  • PowerShadow Case for iPhone 5

    PowerShadow Case for iPhone 5

    Convenient Case plus dock bundle.

Spyder's goal is to create a battery case so thin and light that it feels no different than a regular protective case so you never take your phone out of it.
What makes Spyder Different?

Wired Data Sync

Through dock and case sync and charge your phone easily and securely

Antimicrobial Product Protection

An Embedded Antimicrobial Agent safely protects you and your phone


Your longer-lasting phone goes wherever you need to be with no extra bulk


Keep on going with over twice as much battery power

The iPhone series of smartphones is one of the most widely used cellular devises in the world. iPhones are known for their sleek and unmistakable profile, and the many applications developed for the platform. Indeed, many third-party companies have produced thousands of accessories to complement the iconic smartphones. We all love the phone’s functionality and popularity, however, iPhone users tend to encounter battery energy problems, especially if using mobile Internet services and/or a lot of applications.

Spyder is dedicated to helping iPhone users enjoy their phones devices even more thanks to our innovative products. We produce a selection of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 accessories meant to boost the functionality and durability of your device. If you think your iPhone could not get any better, try our products today and enhance your user experience even more!

Accessories to Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether it is your hobbies, your work or life in general that takes you to different places, our products are built specifically to suit your active lifestyle. Smartphones are known as mobile devices, however, due to their delicate structures and limited battery lifespans, it may, at times, feel quite the opposite. Our state-of-the-art accessories for iPhone 6 help extend the iPhone’s usability and portability. With our sleek PowerShadow iPhone cases you can now take your phone everywhere without fear of losing power abruptly or damaging the device.

Ergonomic and Smart Product Designs

There are many phone accessories to enhance your iphone, however, very few can claim that their gadgets fit effortlessly on phones and can be used without difficulty. When you use our iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 battery case products they will not make your device any bulkier. The PowerShadow line will seamlessly integrate with your smartphone without adding too much weight or making the phone too clunky to hold.

Our company has an eye for good design, and we make sure that the aesthetics of our products suit your style needs. Our accessories come in different colours, to match your mood or your preferences. Fashion and function—Spyder’s products give you the best of both worlds!

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Spyder provides its selection of advanced phone accessories to customers all over the world. You can easily find us in all major cities in the United States and Canada like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. We also offer our products in Europe such as in London, England. For more information about our products, you may call us at 416-769-0002 or visit our Contact Us page.