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iPhones are often supplemented with a plethora of accessories to ensure that owners have the best user experience. Even with all the accessories by Apple, however, the iPhone 5 and 6 (and other smartphones as well) could use some better features, especially when it comes to their batteries’ lifespan. It is Spyder’s goal to supply consumers with products that boost their smartphones’ functionality and durability to always keep them connected.


Spyder Digital Research, Inc. continues to create useful, high-quality accessories for the iPhone, such as:

PowerShadow Case and Dock

If you are always on the go, and your job requires constant use of your iPhone, finding a port to plug in for charging or bringing a bulky power bank can be quite taxing. Spyder has released innovative products that provide the solutions to your iPhone’s energy battery issues.

The PowerShadow Case and Dock are two of Spyder’s innovative accessories for the iPhone 6 and 5 that aim to revolutionize the way people utilize and protect their iPhones. By extending the battery’s lifespan, users can enjoy their phones longer, even if they use a lot of applications or use mobile internet services often. The PowerShadow Case also boosts the smartphone’s durability, as the case, despite being lightweight, provides much-needed protection. The PowerShadow Dock, on the other hand, makes it easier to sync the iPhone with your home or office computer. It is also the only dock for the iPhone 5 and 6 that allows both charging and syncing simultaneously.

Audio Extender Cables and Cowling

Among Spyder’s useful iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 accessories are the audio extender cables and cowling. These come with the PowerShadow Case and the PowerShadow Dock, and they can also be bought separately.

Ordering Spyder’s Accessories Online

Getting your hands on Spyder’s innovative products is easy! Choose the item you wish to purchase, and click on the item name to see the full product description. You can then add the item to your cart, and upon clicking Checkout, will be shown a summary of all your orders. Just fill out the required fields on the checkout page to finalize the order, and the item/s will be shipped to you. For more information about our Orders and Returns policies, as well as information on product warranty, click here.

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