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We are going to knock your socks off with our new iPhone 6 case!


As a small group of guys who don’t believe in settling for products that create new inconveniences, ourmethod for success is constant improvement without compromising design. We understand that reputation must continuously be earned and never taken for granted.

How often have you seen technology rush ahead, yet leave the user behind? 

It’s a question we raised 4 years ago.  And we didn’t like the answer.  So we decided to do something about it.  From that decision came Spyder Digital Research, a product design and manufacturing company built around helping you avoid unnecessary compromises, and get more from your devices.

Our accessories are crafted with a careful eye toward identifying the areas of your experience that can be made better.. .and then being the people who actually make it happen, not just with promises, but with precisely-designed products that earn the highest praise and levels of industry certification. 

We started with our industry-leading PowerShadow series that provides the first true high-quality solution to the constant need  for power that today’s devices demand.  That led to technology that takes the simple act of charging and expands its value to you with automatic syncing in ways no other company can provide.

And that’s just the start.  As devices and technology evolves, we keep a constant eye toward your needs and then act to fill them, putting users first and staying ahead of the industry.  To do so, we have created a network of industry veterans in all aspects of product creation and distribution, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, warehousing in California, manufacturing and engineering among a carefully-selected network in Asia and sales offices throughout North America.

Look first to Spyder Digital Research for smart, intuitive, streamlined ideas and products that will earn your trust and help you make the most of your devices.