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Spyder Digital Research, Inc.

Head Office:
213 Sterling Rd, Suite 205
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6R 2B2
(416) 769-0002

Technical support:

Customer Support:


Spyder Digital Research, Inc.
375 S. 6th Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91746

Please read the following before contacting us:


At Spyder Digital Research, Inc. we love hearing from our customers. We certainly appreciate customers taking the time to offer constructive feedback about our products, our web site, our service, or any other aspect of our company that you'd like to comment on. However, please be advised that any unsolicited materials or ideas that you submit will be in the public domain and thus free to use without restriction and without compensation. At Spyder we highly value intellectual property, and believe it should be protected with all rigor. For this reason, we strongly discourage the submission of unsolicited ideas for products, designs, brand names or promotions.