Remove inconvenience from your life with our revolutionary PowerShadow Dock

4 years ago Spyder Digital Research Inc invented the docking iPhone battery case. Often imitated, never duplicated, it is still the only dock that alllows BOTH charging and data synchronization. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about these features:

Charging & Syncing

There is a micro-usb port on the bottom of the case and a hard-wired USB cable on the back of the dock.  You can plug either one of these into your computer's USB port or into the wall charger that came with your iPhone.

Both methods of charging will pass through data, while charging, when plugged into your computer's USB port or your USB-equipped car stereo.

On your computer you can enable iTunes to automatically back up all the data and content on your iPhone whenever you  dock.

The iPhone's internal battery is given 80% priority when charging.  Once the iPhone is charged, the battery case receives 100% priority.

When the PowerShadow case has been activated, it charges your iPhone at the same speed as your Apple iPhone wall charger.  Please note, claims of higher-speed charging results in decreased life of your lithium battery.  The 1-Amp charge rate of our case and Apple's wall charger has been determined to be the optimal balance.